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Church Growth

Worship Service Resources

Children’s Ministry

Kidmo – Childrens Church Curriculum                                                                         

Kidmo Childrens Curriculum is now available to be checked out from the District Office. 

Go to for more information about this curriculum.

Other Resources

Handout sheet for Awaken – 7 Vital Factors Teaching is available for download:

Awaken – 7 Vital Factors

This is a listing of resources available to be checked out from the SCD Resource Library.

South Coastal Resource Library List

Ever wonder what your USF Assessment goes? This chart will give you a great visual.

USF Chart

District Transformation Project

Our first church on the district to enter into the District Transformation Project (DTP) was New Beginnings. Pastor Steve Lane prepared his people with times of prayer and weekly announcements from the pulpit to keep people looking, praying, and trusting God for a great time. The weekend consists of Friday AM and afternoon with interviews with the pastor and key leaders in the life of the church. On Friday evening Rev. Paul James (consultant) led a Focus Group.

Saturday morning was a focused time on teaching from Rev. James. The teaching was around healthy churches, missional priority, structure, and a preview of affirmations, concerns and prescriptions. Sunday Rev. Paul James preached and then read the Consultation Report (everyone had a printed copy).

At 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoon we had a Lay Leadership Training time. Midway through the teaching time we shared a meal and then concluded about 7:15 PM. On Sunday evening on October 28th the DS and Pastor Steve lead a Town Hall meeting. Two weeks later the congregation voted with 92% in favor of moving ahead with the Consultation Report.

We are thankful for the Consultation Team of Rev. Paul James, Dr. Marlin Hotle (DS of Kentucky/Tennessee) as well as myself. After the 92% approval vote the pastor will be provided a personal coach for one year to help coach him through his prescriptions. Pastor Steve will have Pastor Dick Osborne from Eastern New York and New England District.

His church has grown substantially after going through the process and will be a great assistance to Pastor Steve.

– Dr. Dan Berry
District Transformation Project – New Beginnings

New Beginnings Project Report

Our second church on the district to enter into the District Transformation Project (DTP) was Winder Wesleyan and it was conducted on November 9-11th. Pastor Greg had the advantage of talking to Pastor Steve to become better prepared for the weekend. When the team arrived there were posters all over the building; in hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms. Everyone knew about the weekend and had been praying for a God invasion of wisdom, insight, presence, and direction.

The weekend was conducted in the same way as at New Beginnings. We are thankful for the full team of Rev. Paul James (Consultant), Rev. David LeRoy (DS of Atlantic District), Rev. Les Crossfield (DS of Greater Ohio District), and myself.

The report was read in the AM and in the evening there was a Lay Leadership Training time. On Wednesday – November 28th their Town Hall meeting will be conducted (chance for people to respond to the report, ask questions, etc.).
Vote on the Consultation Report by all regular attenders will be conducted on December 2nd.

Winder Wesleyan Project Report

Principe de Paz in Northport Alabama was the first church for the 2013 church year. We are thankful to the team of Rev. Daniel Bernate, Pastor Everardo Lozoya, and myself. See link below for their report.

Principe de Paz District Tranformation Report 2013

Wesley Chapel consultation weekend was November 15-17, 2013. We are thankful for our team of Rev. Paul James, Rev. Richard Hoard, and myself. See link below for their report.

Wesley Chapel District Transformation Report 2013

Teaching Points


Speaker: Pastor John Anderson

Date: 16 August 2017, 18:00 am

Location: Local Church 233 Main St.


Speaker: Pastor John Anderson

Date: 16 August 2017, 18:00 am

Location: Local Church 233 Main St.


Speaker: Pastor John Anderson

Date: 16 August 2017, 18:00 am

Location: Local Church 233 Main St.

External Links

Here are some websites that will provide some more valuable resources: 

The Wesleyan Church – The “Mother Ship.” 

Relevant Magazine – Fantastic articles on how post moderns connect with Christ. 

Eli Lily Foundation – Want a free sabbatical? Apply online here, as Eli Lily Corporation gives them away yearly to pastors.

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