Rev. Raymond R. Hicks Scholarship Fund is in memory of an outstanding man of God, pastor, leader, and district superintendent in The Wesleyan Church.

Rev. Hicks was ordained into The Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1944 by Rev. George Davis. He served a total of 63 years in The Wesleyan Methodist Church. He pastored the Atlanta First Church for ten years (two five year tenures); his first tenure was between 1943 to 1948, and his second tenure from 1950 to 1955. He served on the Advisory Board (a.k.a. District Board of Administration) in the earlier years. He also served on the Boards of Southern Wesleyan University and Hephzibah Children’s Home.

Rev. Hicks worked in evangelism from 1948 to 1955. He preached in some of the largest Wesleyan Methodist Churches and camp meetings in America and The Free Methodist Church of North America. He preached and conducted seminars and conferences for The Salvation Army. In 1955 he planted and organized the Northside Wesleyan Church and served as pastor until elected Conference President (a.k.a. District Superintendent).

From 1961, he served the Georgia District in that capacity for 16 years. Rev. Hicks spent 21 years (1977 to 1996) as a General Evangelist. During that time, he served two years (1996 to 1998) as Supply Pastor for the Liberty Wesleyan Church in Hortense, Georgia.

Rev. Hicks went home to his eternal reward on Sunday – December 3, 2006.

Rev. Hicks' Testimony

Rev Hicks’ testimony on his May, 1999 Annual Conference Report:

“I have completed 56 years of ministry in The Wesleyan Church plus five years of filling pulpits, teaching Sunday School classes and conducting revivals in the Wesleyan Methodist Church (1938-1943); a total of 61 years ministering.  I often wonder why I am left, when so many of my brothers have already gone; perhaps another sermon, teach another class, share an influence.  Pray that I will be faithful.”

His personal testimony in 2001:
“God is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble and He knoweth them that trust in Him.”


PURPOSE: To provide matching grant monies to those ministerial students of the South Coastal District who are enrolled in The Wesleyan Church FLAME (The Fellowship of Leaders Acquiring Ministerial Education) Program.  To only be used for classes of FLAME and SCD Ministerial Institute. Not to be used for any scholarship to any Colleges or Universities.

Scholarship Fund Board

CONSTRUCTION OF SCHOLARSHIP FUND BOARD (SFB):  A group of four to five people who would be elected by the District Board of Administration with the primary duty of allocating funds via an application procedure as created and approved by the SFB.  Rev. Hicks’ family will have the option to fill one seat on the SFB.

SFB Do's

DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME:  The SFB shall distribute the income of this Fund for each taxable year at a time and in an equitable and fair manner based upon the applications received annually.  All applications will have the deadline of August to be completed and returned for SFB consideration. All applicants shall first be enrolled with The Wesleyan Church Department of Education and The Ministry and enrolled with FLAME.  The Ministerial Student shall be a Covenant Member of The Wesleyan Church in the South Coastal District.  All monies distributed shall be allocated after the course has been completed and the Ministerial Student has successfully passed the course.

AUTHORIZED SIGNATORIES:  The Chairman and the Secretary will be duly authorized to sign agreements and request funds for allocations. 

CHANGES TO BY-LAWS:  Changes to the By Laws of Fund may be authorized by the action of Fund Board with a ¾ majorities and ratification by the DBA with a ¾ majority vote.

RECEIVE GIFTS:  The SFB may receive property and funds by will, gift, or otherwise, to be held in Fund for charitable and purposes of scholarship distribution. 

RECEIPT OF FUNDS:  All monies received for the Fund shall be written to the “South Coastal District” specifying that the monies would go directly into the “Raymond Hicks Scholarship Fund”. The District Office and/or District Treasurer shall immediately send an appropriate receipt for gifts received, as per IRS regulations.

COLLECT INCOME:  The SFB may receive monies for the Fund as income, profits, rents, and proceeds of the Fund property, and to collect and receipt for the same.

ACCUMULATE INCOME:  The annual distributions of income may be allowed to become part of the principal from time to time, provided, however, that they shall not accumulate income for a period of longer that five (5) years without allocating. Each pay-out year will stand on its own.
HOLDING PROPERTY:   The SFB may receive property on behalf of the scholarship as long as, in the exercise of good faith and of reasonable prudence, discretion, and intelligence, they may consider that retention is in the best interests of the Fund.  Otherwise, sale of all properties would be immediate and proceeds placed in the Fund.

SALES AND INVESTMENTS:  The SFB shall have exclusive authority to handle the sale and investments of funds.  Subject to the limitation that they exercise the judgment and care, under the circumstances prevailing, which men of prudence, discretion, and intelligence exercise in the management of their own affairs, not in regard to speculation, but in regard to the permanent disposition of their funds, considering the probable income, as well as the probable safety of their capital, to sell, convert, exchange, or dispose of any stocks, bonds, securities, or other real or personal property in the Fund, and to invest and reinvest the income or funds thereby obtained, or the income from time to time accumulated, in any and every kind of property, real, personal, or mixed, and every kind of investment, specifically including, but not by way of limitation, corporate obligations of every kind, and stocks, preferred or common,  which men of prudence, discretion, and intelligence acquire for their own account, provided, however, that such action does not offend against any of the restrictions relating to prohibited transactions, accumulations, and investments.  It is recommended, although not required, that the investment portfolio be diversified.

BORROWED MONEY AND ISSUE NOTES:   The SFB shall not borrow money nor take any actions that may compromise the principle of the Fund.

EXPERTS:  The SFB may consult outside experts whenever necessary or convenient to determine the advisability of any specific grant, and to pay such experts from the Fund for their consultations. Such payments will be made out of the interest portion of the Fund.

APPLY FUNDS FOR TAX-EXEMPT PURPOSES:   The SFB shall apply the Fund at such time or times, in such manner, and in such amounts as they may determine, or as may be required by restricted contributions, to the tax exempt purpose. The SFB will be under the district’s non-for-profit (501 C3)

MINUTES AND RECORDS:   The SFB shall keep, or cause to be kept, minutes of their meetings and a record of all questions voted on and the vote thereon, as well as a book setting for the names, addresses, and telephone number of all members of the SFB, and in the case of the discharge or removal of a board member, the date thereof and the manner in which such removal or discharge was effected.  They shall report their meeting to the District Board of Administration within 60 days of every meeting.

KEEP ACCOUNTS:  The SFB shall keep, or cause to be kept, adequate and correct accounts of all properties and business transactions of the Fund, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, and losses.  A full accounting shall be submitted to the District Board of Administration at least annually.

AUDIT OF BOOKS: The SFB shall have the books and records of the Fund audited annually by the district audit procedure or as recommended by the District Board of Administration.

DISTRICT WIDE FUND DAY: Will be held for all district churches to have a chance to participate with the Fund this will be held annually on the (Third) Sunday of March beginning 2011 these offerings will be added immediately to the Scholarship Fund.

SFB Don'ts


Personal Interest: Use or deal with the Fund property for their own profit, or for any other purpose unconnected with the Fund, in any manner.

Transaction: Nor shall any of their agents take part in any transaction concerning the Fund in which they, or anyone for whom they act as agent, have an interest, present or contingent, adverse to this Fund or its purposes.

Mingle Property: Wilfully and unnecessarily mingle the Fund property with their own so as to constitute themselves in appearance the absolute owner(s) thereof.

Meetings: Meetings shall be called and held at such times and places as shall be specified by the Chairman of the Scholarship Fund Board or by any two (2) of the SFB members.

Adopted: July 2010
Amended: January 20th 2011

Fund Board Members

Fund Board Members are:

  • Rev. Richard Hoard – Chair
  • Dr. Deborah Huckaby
  • Rev. Manley Burton 
  • Rev. Lori Maxey

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