Submit a resume with the following items. 

  • References
  • Picture (with family if applicable)
  • Your ministry growth trends
  • Church Planter Profile Assessment (you don’t have to be a church planter to enjoy this survey) please go to this link and take the survey and send your results to me.  It can be accomplished in a few minutes.  This self-assessment tool will provide personal insight into four key areas of pastoral ministry.  


A note from the District Superintendent

  • Our district exist to make disciples for Jesus Christ. We are blessed to have the largest mega church in The Wesleyan Church (12Stone) and probably some of the smallest churches in our tribe. We also have the John Maxwell Leadership Center and Hephzibah within our district boundary. Best of all, we have some of the finest, compassionate, and Christ loving pastors in the denomination. We are blessed!
    Districts are like churches and the leaders that lead them. 80% of the health of a district is based upon the pastors who lead the churches. Without healthy and transformational pastors we can’t move forward with effectiveness. That is why we take seriously those who join our district family. We would love to include you as a possible pastor considered for one of our churches. So let me share our expectation for those joining our district:
    Every pastor should be a healthy LIFE giving Pastor:
  • LOYALITY – We believe every pastor should be able to follow the leadership of those over them whether it be; another colleague, superintendent, or district board. We applaud pastors who know how to follow as well as lead. We are a Wesleyan district so we expect our pastors to be loyal to the district and the denomination. We expect you to wear the “jersey “of our team! This also means showing up for district events and being a good dependable team member!
  • INFLUENCE—We believe pastors should use their influence to rally the congregation toward the mission of Jesus. Your influence as a godly and passionate Jesus lover should be evident in your life, family, and ministry. People should see Jesus in you and follow your heart to win a lost world to Christ.
  • FRUIT – We expect every pastor to produce Kingdom results. Good intentions are commendable but not acceptable according to Jesus. Just surviving is not an alternative! Leader’s lead their congregation toward health, growth, and the salvation of souls. Pastors are expected to lead the way by being a soul winner, train others to invite, share, and win. Healthy churches and alive churches can point to fruit that remains!
  • EMOTIONAL HEALTHY— We expect our pastors to have a healthy and positive attitude. An attitude that says “we can”. An attitude that sees the positive instead of the negative, the possible miracle instead of the misery of defeat. Positive leaders draw healthy people around them and build a ministry team! Therefore, we are looking for leaders who are confident in Christ and full of faith in the greatness of our God to accomplish even greater for Him.
  • I hope these expectations are already deeply ingrained in your personal leadership. If you desire to be part of a growing and missional district come join us in reaching our world and missional area for Jesus. If you want a district where you will be challenged to grow personally in your calling and leadership development then come join us.


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The South Coastal District is reaching out to our world with the love of Jesus, and influencing our world as we go, through service and relationships.
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