Church Planting

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 A word from the District Superintendent about the process


Thanks for your interest in church planting on the South Coastal District of The Wesleyan Church.

Our district has had a passion for over one decade for the planting of NewStart churches in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, and God has been so good.

You might check out our district webpage. The district website has church planting resources as well. 

We recommend the following steps toward district church planting:
1. Start praying for God to give you direction as to the place geographically on the district. 


2. Go to the Evangelism and Church Growth page on  and do a self-assessment to answer:


     - How well do you match the church planter personality? 

     - What other assessments might you engage?

     - Do you have affirmation from other leaders you are a potential church planter?


3. Be willing to go bi-vocational.


     -  We recommend you find a job in the target town and start with that approach the first year. 

     -  Church planting at its heart is always community focused and grass roots identified. 

     -  Bi-vocational will help you catch the heartbeat of the community quickly!


4. Read Nelson Searcy’s book “Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch”. It is one of the finest approaches to getting your church up and strong as soon as possible. We have used the Launch approach with good results.


5. Put together a strategic church plant proposal in written form and send to the DS.


6. Find a sponsoring mother church that will sponsor you the first year.


7. Establish a time to do a telephone interview with the DS/E&CG Director/Assistant DS.


8. Visit with our E&CG Board and share your proposal and vision for planting a church.


9. Get E&CG approval.


10. Visit with the DBA and obtain DBA approval.


11. Gather 120 prayer partners and raise funds for church planting. Our district will usually match whatever monies you raise for the first year Launch by your supporters.


Hope this is helpful in knowing steps you can take to begin thinking realistic about church planting on the South Coastal District.
Dan A. Berry, DS