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 Educational Class Options


DBMD Students:


We are excited that there are so many educational opportunities for our students that are not enrolled in university and seminary.

  • With all of these options available, it is essential and mandatory that each student complete 2 courses per year.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NOT TAKING 2 COURSES PER YEAR COULD JEOPARDIZE YOUR MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS.  We have worked very hard to make sure there are multiple options to fit your schedule.
  • Not only are these classes being offered – there are also scholarships available for all of the above options for those students who qualify.
  • There are still some opportunities available before DBMD, check out the schedules and make the most of the opportunities available to you.
  1. Ministerial Institute:  Classes offered every year around the district and via Zoom. See schedule below.
  2. Participate in FLAME: This includes 3-5 day courses that are held around the country and online. ( There is pre-work and post-work for each class, so each one takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.
  3. Enroll in correspondence courses: Education and Clergy Development offers all of the courses required for ordination through correspondence courses as well ( For these courses, you have 6 months to complete the work, and you do not have to travel.  However, you are on your own, without the community of other students.
  4. Enroll in Cross Training through Oklahoma Wesleyan University ( OKWU offers online classes that are three weeks long, online, which meet the ordination requirements of The Wesleyan Church. These are much more intensive than correspondence courses, but many students enjoy learning with a cohort of others who are pursuing similar goals.